Lootex Developer Portal

Our mission is to make people’s virtual assets real by providing a trading platform built on the blockchain.

What is Lootex?

We are experts on managing Digital Items (known as NFTs). Lootex has served business clients from software integration to channel sales. Do feel free to drop a message here: https://m.me/lootexio
The new version of "Digital Items" are:

Secure and Trusted

Every listed digital item is an NFT (Non-Fungible Token). Each piece is unique and the full on-chain history can be viewed by anyone. Differently from traditional digital items, once the limited artworks have been sold, no extra copies will ever be created. Blockchain technology prevents forgery and fraud transactions.

True Ownership

We help game developers, celebrities, artists and illustrators submit their limited-edition artwork onto blockchain. Blockchain provides an immutable, trustworthy and reliable source of ownership. Everyone can trace the origin and trade history of the artworks. It means if you have bought something, you can prove you really own it in a legal way.

Explore and Share

We love creativeness and all fun ideas. Welcome to share them with us! Let us help you transform your digital assets real. If you are a collector, here’s your oasis. Go hunt and find your hidden gems. Feel free to buy or sell your collectibles, or even show off your treasures. Enjoy the surprises it may bring.
Lootex’s Forge enables developers to create cryptoitems or find items to support their games. More importantly, Marketplace connects players and developers to a larger community. All these make the ecosystem energetic and ever-advancing. Let's begin and see how Forge API works: